Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Visual Checklist (new photos)

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Justice League Unlimited and NEW Dc Superheroes/Universe Classics

dcshchek.jpg image by xtophe2

In answer to some questions by Vancleef9000, Cookie_TXPSY and Temporal Flux re: the new JLU checklist.

Why the ships?
They were in the show.

Why only a couple of the bikes?
Green Arrow had a bike on the show. Batman's always had a batcycle.

Why only some variants?
Only show accurate variants. The Red Hood appeared in the Batman comic, and also is a renamed character, thought he should be there.

why the Flash hover thingy?
A similar machine appeared in the episode 'Ultimatum'

I can understand why we don't see invisible Amazo that came with the original Doomsday pack (he *is* invisible after all ; but where is funky green Amazo that comes with the new, orange Doomsday pack?

Thanks man. The reason the two Amazo's are not in the list is because they're not necessarily show-accurate (also the reason why most of the other variants don't appear such as 'fishnets' canary and 'neon' Hawkman) I DID however put the variants that are either show-accurate or have appeared in the DCAU comics (such as Red Hood). This also goes for the rest of the vehicles. I didn't include the ones that don't show up in the show or ones that are not even known to exist. Flash's Twin Turbo, for example is similar somewhat to Batman's twin turbo seen in Ultimatum.

Also in case anyone's wondering- it's lanterns galore cuz the official JLU checklist did the same except for those who cant hold the lanterns. Included necessary accessories and exluded all 'blasts/powers' Also grouped all the JSAers and partners. Threw away the wave-per-wave concept since I'm beginning to think it doesn't matter anymore with the wave per wave rereleases.