Friday, August 24, 2007

CLIK 2 JLU's Shayera/The Ray/GL Giveaway!

The prize is a convention exclusive DC Superheroes Series 4 Shayera/The Ray/Green Lantern 3-pack!

The contest starts 08/20/07 and ends on 09/20/07. How do you win? The person who makes the biggest impact on the comic boards during the contest timeframe will win the prize. The winner will NOT be chosen by post-count alone. Please note the following rules:

1.) Only activity on the comic boards counts. This excludes the Who's Who and Marvel Comics boards. The goal of this site is to promote DC Comics which is why activity on the Marvel board won't count.

2.) There are many ways you can impact the comics boards such as posting news, starting threads, replying to threads, etc. Posts less than 20 words will be overlooked to prevent people from trying to get ahead by posting such simple things as "cool", "looks great", or "can't wait to read that".

3.) If you wish to enter, you MUST reply to this thread so that we know to watch your activity on these boards.

4.) Do not post duplicate news articles. If someone else has already posted the info, it's off limits.

5.) The rules are subject to change at any time.

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