Thursday, February 21, 2008

More JLU News From Toy Guru!

From a personal email I received from Toy Guru(who works for Mattel):

I’m excited to share some great news about Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line. Due to overwhelming support from the fans, Mattel and Target are teaming up to bring an all new Collector’s Line to store shelves starting this August!

16 brand new figures along with collector requested repaints and reissues will be available in singles, 3-packs and 6 packs. Figures will be out in two waves. Each wave will consist of two 6-packs, two 3 packs and five single carded figures, some with brand new accessories. This line will be sold exclusively at Target stores starting Aug 1, 2008. At this time the line will be an in store exclusive only.

Wave 1 will be revealed at New York Comic Con in April and Wave 2 will be shown at Comic Con San Diego in July.

There may be a few other JLU surprises this year as well. But fans will just have to wait for the summer conventions to find out what!

We are pleased so show the first 6-pack for Wave 1: Attack from Apokolips featuring Superman, Darkseid, Mr. Miracle, Lashina, Mantis and Forager.

Along with these figures, we are excited to announce that the line will also include several major MIA characters including The Question!

*Note to collectors, these are not the final figures and we do plan to adjust Mantis’ cape color and Forager’s shield.

-Power Guy

*Note: Photo shows 5poa Superman. That may be a good sign for those who like the 5poa figures.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You don't gotta lurk in the shadows no more...

jlunewgodsok9.jpg image by xtophe2

They're out. Check out the official online WIZARD article on JLU 2008.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wizard clears the air...

Not that they had issues or anythin' but those images we saw on the video? They're up on a gallery now. Apparently the smaller figures DO belong to a smaller line and are called DC Universe: Infinite Heroes. The 'Collector Series' label will refer to boxed sets of 3 figures, such as Flash/Mirror Master/Weather Wizard, Commissioner Gordon/GCPD/GCPD and just maybe Hawkman/and what seems to be 2 Thanagarians. More new figures come in the form of Captain Marvel, Power Girl, Batwoman, Batman, Question, Husk, Wildcat, Killer Croc

Click here to view the gallery

Also check out packaged pics over at the Fwoosh! Here you see the single packs and 3-packs.

In case your browser crashes (there have been issues with the gallery), you can also view the images (smaller) at the forums.Publish Post

Wizard Minute gives a peek of new DC stuff at NYTF

Click on the images below: We get new DC Ame-Comi in the form of Poison Ivy and Hawkgirl. We also get to see the new DC Universe Collector Series (which looks to be a smaller-scale line than DC Universe Classics) and what looks like new DC Universe Classics figures Cyborg and the much awaited Wonder Woman. Watch the video at Wizard Universe.

DC DIrect Ame-Comi PVC

DC Universe Collectors Series: Supergirl, Bizarro, Wonder Girl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern Hal Jordan

What looks to be Commissioner Gordon and some GCPD officers

What look like Parademons, Hawkman, Black Adam, The Flash Jay Garrick, and someone that could be either Ra's Al Ghul or Trickster (hard to see)

New DCUC, possibly Wave Four: Cyborg and Wonder Woman

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Smallville Series 2, Batman Secret Files, Green Lantern and more at Superhero Times

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Man of the Hour hits Manila

JLU fans rejoice. The 10" Hourman is now available in some stores in the Manila area (Philippines). I've spotted a couple at the Rustan's department store in Glorietta Makati. Also there is currently an e-bay auction based in Singapore. Also spotted are Justice Lord versions of Green Lantern and The Flash. Both are straight repaints of their originals.

More news at
DC Hall of Justice

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Drive You Crazy...

1000036702DVDLEF__scaled_600.jpg image by xtophe2

After years of pining after a JLU Hal Jordan figure, fans get a Hal in New Frontier design. It's yet unconfirmed if it's related to the DCD New Fronitier figures or if it's in a scale/style all its own.
Check out TOY NEWS International for more info. Discuss it at our forums.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DCUC exclusives at the New York con

WIZARD UNIVERSE shows us the DCUC exclusives

nycce081.gif image by xtophe2nycce083.gif image by xtophe2nycce082.gif image by xtophe2

For those of you who can’t get enough of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics, a trio of black-clad figures will be available at the Mattel booth. Tech Suit Mr. Freeze will be exclusive to the show, and if you didn’t snag a Knight Shadow Batman or Black Outfit Superman at retail, you’ll get another shot at both.

From the photos it seems that the new stuff we're getting are the long awaited Tech-suit/Full-suited Mr Freeze and a Black Suit Superman that difers from the original by having a solid black neck area (as opposed to exposed skin).

View them at the Wizard site and discuss it at the forums.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Ebay Sightings of "DCUGOJ"

The first few DC Universe: Giants of Justice auction lots have turned up.

Here are the images:

Picture135.jpg image by xtophe2 Picture140.jpg image by xtophe2
Picture134.jpg image by xtophe2

Click on the links below to see the auctions.






Saturday, February 09, 2008

Announcing DC Universe: Giants of Justice

Check out this ebay link

DC Universe: Giants of Justice is the 12" line continued from DC Superheroes' 12" series. Interestingly, the name 'Giants of Justice" was also the name of a previous 2-pack featuring animated Superman and Batman under the DC Superheroes: Justice League Unlimited 10" line that was an exclusive to Toys R Us.

Also sighted are a repainted Batman and Superman (says Buttmunch of the Fwoosh)


What we know so far: JLU 2008

Here are tidbits of info from ToyFare regarding JLU 2008.

We will be seeing 16 new characters soon, not including repaints/redecos. Here's what's been confirmed.

1. The Question
2. Lashina
3. Forager
4. Mantis

Lashina, Forager and Mantis will be part of a 6-pack with Mr Miracle, Superman and Darkseid (not a new version)

JLU will be a Target exclusive line beginning summer. It is yet unexplained what will happen to the foreign market.

2009 will most likely usher in more non-TV animated characters.

Thanks to ToyGuru and Airmax at AFI for the info.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mattel Questions Answered! February

Hey guys! Mattel's February batch of answers are now in. If you missed the last few, don't worry they're all in the same thread. Membership required.

Click here to read.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Now open!

Hi guys! Update your bookmarks! we're now

We're not a hundred percent yet but we're getting there. We've got our improved JLU figure, comic and tv pages and in a ccouple o days all the SuperRiends stuff from the previous site will be up too! Also we are pleased to welcome the Mattel 6" line to our archives begining withn Wave One of DC Universe Classics with images provided by Mattel's ToyGuru and from Christophes' personal DCUC wave one collection.
Also joining us is our new administrator Stew who's handling our all new Custom Justice area along with AgapeNS and the rest of the featured customizers; as well as Green Lantern heading up our new Titans of Justice wikia.

Thanks for all your support!