Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wizard clears the air...

Not that they had issues or anythin' but those images we saw on the video? They're up on a gallery now. Apparently the smaller figures DO belong to a smaller line and are called DC Universe: Infinite Heroes. The 'Collector Series' label will refer to boxed sets of 3 figures, such as Flash/Mirror Master/Weather Wizard, Commissioner Gordon/GCPD/GCPD and just maybe Hawkman/and what seems to be 2 Thanagarians. More new figures come in the form of Captain Marvel, Power Girl, Batwoman, Batman, Question, Husk, Wildcat, Killer Croc

Click here to view the gallery

Also check out packaged pics over at the Fwoosh! Here you see the single packs and 3-packs.

In case your browser crashes (there have been issues with the gallery), you can also view the images (smaller) at the forums.Publish Post