Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wizard Minute gives a peek of new DC stuff at NYTF

Click on the images below: We get new DC Ame-Comi in the form of Poison Ivy and Hawkgirl. We also get to see the new DC Universe Collector Series (which looks to be a smaller-scale line than DC Universe Classics) and what looks like new DC Universe Classics figures Cyborg and the much awaited Wonder Woman. Watch the video at Wizard Universe.

DC DIrect Ame-Comi PVC

DC Universe Collectors Series: Supergirl, Bizarro, Wonder Girl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern Hal Jordan

What looks to be Commissioner Gordon and some GCPD officers

What look like Parademons, Hawkman, Black Adam, The Flash Jay Garrick, and someone that could be either Ra's Al Ghul or Trickster (hard to see)

New DCUC, possibly Wave Four: Cyborg and Wonder Woman

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