Sunday, August 26, 2007

Batman 2-pack figures rereleased

Ham Salad posts on Action Figure Insider on new releases of Mattel Animated "BATMAN" figures.

I found another round of single-carded TNBA Batman figures at Albertson's (grocery store). They are simply reissues of the two-pack versions, with no new paint decoes. I found the following among the three stores that had them:

Two-Face (from Tech Suit Batman 2-pack)
Catwoman (black outfit from 2-pack)
Battle Scars Batman (from Catwoman 2-pack)
The Joker

The card backs also list Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Penguin, so it's possible they are also the 2-pack versions issued individually. It's also possible that these four are it for this release.

I imagine that KB and Big Lots will get these eventually. I found Batman in California, and the rest here in Oregon.

Big Lots, Family Dollar, and KB have had single figures previously, but these four are newly issued. The previous releases are as follows:

Wave 1 (2004~2005)
Batman (silver)
Robin (silver)
Batgirl (silver)
Nightwing (silver)
The Penguin

Wave 2 (2006)
Batman (brownish-orange)
Robin (blue)
The Joker (lavender with playing card suit design)
Two-Face (gray, and prison stripe suit)
Catwoman (reddish-orange with white tiger stripes)

I am posting about this new wave of singles, all of which have been released before in two-packs.

Wave 3 (2007)
Batman (Catwoman 2-pack reissue)
Catwoman (Catwoman 2-pack reissue)
The Joker (Joker 2-pack reissue)
Two Face (Two-Face 2-pack reissue)