Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Message from ToyGuru/DCUC 9 Press Pics

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Black Canary, The Guardian, Black Adam, Green Arrow


Mantis (both versions), Wildcat


Chemo CnC

Please note that the Guardian figure will indeed be the Classic Guardian and not the modern Guardian as shown at NYCC and in Toy Fare. (this was due to the fact that we did not have tooling available to do both and vintage version was farther along in the process).

Also note that we will have a second variant of Wildcat but have not confirmed what that is yet.

Finally, we are working very hard on getting the MattyCollector Facebook page back up and running. There were a few one-time-only problems but we are working these out with Facebook right now and hope to either restore the original page or get a new permanent page up by the end of the week. We did want to announce that the DCUC Ultraman and Alex Luthor 2 pack will go on sale April 15th and the JLU LOSH pack will go on sale May 15th.

Faker will be on sale this Tuesday March 16th and will be limited to 4 per person due to his availability at NYCC.

- Toy Guru

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