Monday, March 30, 2009

A2ZToys Pulls Unreleased JLU/DCUC Figure listings

In light of recent developments, A2zToystore has decided to pull the listings of all unreleased Mattel product from their e-bay store. The e-bay store will continue to operate but without the said product.

I've read from your site that seems there's some impact on the product listings.
As mentioned before I'm just a collector and pick up the toys from local stores, and just want to share the fun with others. However I don't want the eBay listings hurt Mattel or other related
companies. I just acknowledge that really matters after reading the message. As a fan and collector of DC and Mattel I've pulled out the listings already. I hope you and Mattel would understand.
I'm also looking forward to the new figures from Mattel on the market :) And we have to wait for the official photos from Mattel and hope we could get the new information soon.
I'm happy to make friends with you and hope to see more information on your


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