Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March Batch of QnA from Mattel

1) When will the rest of the releases for 2009 be revealed? By our counts, there are about 20 or so more figures that have not been announced.

We will announce one more wave before SDCC and then another at the show along with the first 2010 wave.

2) When will you be revealing the SDCC exclusives? An alleged DCUC exclusive has already been "leaked", but no word on Cars, MoTU or JLU.

Sometime in April.

3) Will you be getting back to bulkier characters with this Falls 6 pack?

We will be doing larger characters in the near future. When and where they will show up has yet to be announced.

4) Now that Mattel is expanding the figure line past characters that were in the JLU cartoon, where will you be getting the packaging art from?

DC Comics has supplied us with original drawn turns of the characters as reference for our sculptors. We will be using these on the card backs.

5) What was Mattel's thoughts behind going with Wizard Shazam instead of Captain Marvel Jr?

We already had three heroes with capes and lighting bolts. We thought the Wizard was a good way to be a bit different in one slot. We do love Freddy and in time could get to him too.

Thanks to ToyGuru and Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions.

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