Saturday, November 17, 2007

News from Wizard World Chicago 2007!

Per Marcus Mebes, the following was announced today at Wizard World Texas:

1.) Hal Jordan will be THE Green Lantern of the JLA. John Stewart will be moving to the sidelines.

2.) In the Arena series, Blue Beetle(Jamie) vs. the Blue Beetle of Earth C!

3.) Risk will be getting "arms" and his story will be told in a Geoff Johns written title.

4.) Titans(the Winick & Churchill series) is delayed until April due to Churchill suffering a shoulder injury.

5.) Superman Prime will be an ongoing villain in the DCU.

6.) Bart Allen's story isn't finished.

7.) Zatanna will be joining the JLA!!! :) :) :)

8.) Red Arrow will remain on the JLA while in the Titans.

Thank you Marcus for your report!!!