Monday, November 05, 2007

First Batch of Mattel Questions and Answers - November

Christmas came early. Here are our first batch of answers from Mattel:

1.) Like JLU, will DCSCH/DCUC re-release figures like Azrael, Blue skirt Supergirl, etc?

This is something we are looking into and we hope to have announcement to make soon. We are well aware of the demand for harder to find 06 and 07 figures. Right now the main line will consist of all new figures, but this is an excellent option for some exclusive items for select retailers.

2.) It seems that the latest batches of figures have been made using a softer grade of plastic than was previously used. This has resulted in a higher degree of "jelly legs" than before. Are there any plans to correct this or can we expect this to continue?

Mattel constantly works with our vendors to improve quality. We’ll pass these comments along to the design team so they can work on needed improvements.

3.) Any plans for the future "Justice League Unlimited" characters seen in "The Once and Future Thing" and "Epilogue"? I'm particularly interested in the Future Static Shock character.

This is certainly a set of characters that has come up. Until we are ready to make an announcement about JLU Unlimited, you’ll just have to wait and see. No one is off the table and if all plans go through we think fans will be very excited about the 08 line up.

4.) Now that the JLU line is being targeted more toward collectors, will we see character variants that are comic / show accurate? (for example: Savage Time Batman, Future Superman, etc.)

Again, see our previous answer. We are exploring all of these character options and are looking at ways of keeping the Core 7 in the line but making them fresh for fans and collectors. Does this mean more “Yellow suit Batman” no. But it does mean we are exploring other fan requested decos of these characters to do in the JLU style. Until we are ready to make an official announcement you’ll have to wait and see!

5.) Is there any chance of more playsets or vehicles in the JLU line?

At this time the line will center around the 4 ¾ size figures.