Monday, February 16, 2009

Mattel Question and Answer for February batch 2

1. With the Secret Society and Legends packs ending their run, would it be possible to see the characters again in later assortments as singles or 3-packs?

Yes, we will definitely look into doing this. Our goal is to make sure all of the characters get re-released sooner then later. Deadshot, who was only available in a hard to find 3 pack will be out as a single in Wave 5. Keep in mind that the line is planned about 14 months in advance, so the figures you see now were slotted in back in early 2008. But we will begin working on ways to get these figures back out as we move forward.

  1. When we see Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the new assortments, are you considering doing more relevant repaints such as has been done with Superman Prime and Classic Batman? Are you also releasing more color-corrected characters as you are Lex (SS), Dr Fate, Booster, Zatanna and Red Tornado?

Yes. We when we do repaints of main characters we are doing our best to make them collector relevant such as the Superman Red and Superman in JLU singles wave 5. We are not looking to do the wacky kid friendly repaints in this line. That is more for Brave and the Bold at this time. And yes, we are working on getting show accurate versions of all of those characters you mentioned out as well. In fact, all of those mentioned have been announced!

  1. Many figures were discovered databased in Matty but soon after the discovery have been pulled out. Were these for building a database?

That is exactly what that is for. We are doing our best to launch an all inclusive data base of images as soon as it is complete. We’re very busy on this project!

  1. Will we be seeing more figures from the Batman Gotham Knight series of Infinite Heroes or is it only the 3-pack? Will there be other DTV versions of DC characters?

Yes. And in fact we just announced a Wonder Woman DVD figure in the IH line which will be packed in with the DVD exclusive to Best Buy. Look for this in early March!

  1. What types of changes do we expect to see with Infinite Heroes with regard to articulation and style? Meaning what are the issues that have been addressed with the current design? Will the new figures match well with the ones in our current collection?

We have actually redesigned the IH buck from the ground up adding knee, elbow, wrist, ankle and neck articulation. Look for Animal Man in an upcoming three pack to be the first figure with this new articulation level.

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