Sunday, April 13, 2008

DC Hall of Justice Branches out

Dc Hall of Justice will now be serving as a portal to two sites, the original Hall of Justice Forums, which will focus on all things DC, and Custom Justice, home to some of the internet’s greatest customizers expanded beyond the DC universe, which will open soon.

Here's the tentative list of staffers:

Power Guy and Christophe will be administrators for the Hall of Justice Forums moderated by Darth Ennis, Nightvision, vslayertnx, and Stranger

Stew and Christophe will be administrators for the Custom Justice Forums moderated by Texgnome1, Robsfanpage, Nightvision, Jesterboy and Stranger will be moderating the new Custom Justice forums.

Since the two sites have two different main thrusts, naturally, they're entirely diferent forums and require separate membership.

Thank you for supporting DC Hall of Justice. We hope you can continue to support us through this new endeavor.