Saturday, June 16, 2007

TOJ Interview Part Two

For the second part of the interviews of the creative team of Titans of Justice, I had the honor to interviewing ArchKid whose idea it was to do these interviews.

1.) How do you land the "duty" of the writer of Titans West?
Well, honestly, I wanted to write the original Titans West for ToJ: Classified, then it turned into a chapter of Titans of Justice. Pretty soon, Power Guy asked me if I was interested, and I was!

2.) What inspires your writing of the stories?
It's hard to say, I'd have to say the writing talents of Keith Giffen, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are the major inspirations, but not the only.

3.) I see you are using more and more Global Guardians references. Are more from the Superfriends Global Guardians which Fire debuted, the Dome that had stories in Blue Beetle and New Teen Titans, the Morrison Ultramarines/Global Guardians story or a combo of all of them?
It's more of a JLI meets the Global Guardians deal. They're not as problematic as the JLI, but yeah, there are enough references to different incarnations that should at least interest people, not necessarily like them, but interest...

4.) I have seen with the HQ as the Dome that it is in between 2 dimensions. What can you tell us about the dimensions and the significance to the Dome's location?
Hemispheres, and honestly, the big significance is they're in a spot that is the same distance from everywhere. However, dimensional stuff might involve the Guardians...

5.) What character not presently in the ToJ universe would you like to see and why?
If you mean based on a member on these boards? Wild Card. He's an interesting take on Harlequin, and who knows what he's got to give to the ToJ universe?

6.) If there was a ToJ Draft, who would you draft for Titans West? Also, who would you trade for a #1 draft choice and who would be the #1 draft choice for you?
A draft? Hm. I can't really answer this one; it's too hard to choose.

7.) What makes Titans West unique from Titans East besides the characters?
Titans West relies on more self-contained stories, in the end they tell a larger story, and we do have arcs, but you should be able to read one chapter and get what's going on, and have a good laugh. Titans West pokes fun at itself, that's why I love writing it.

8.) How does your typical story plotting go? Do you have an initial story and work with the editors and writers to develop it or it is more brainstorming for all the editors and writers involved?
I have story ideas, some of them I run by Power Guy, but I mostly wing it when plotting, creating twists and turns and making sure the characters don't get along.

9.) If there was a Hall of Mentors in the Dome, who would you put in there for the various members?
The ones you know so far? Commander Steel-Commander Steel. Impala-Impala, Rocket Red #9-Rocket Red #4 and for Ice-Warrior-Ice and Guy Gardner.

10.) Would you like to see a comic book version or cartoon version of ToJ? If comic, who would you like to see write and do the art? If cartoon, who would voice which character?
Yes. For the entire ToJ, I think Power Guy could write it, but if it's Titans West, me or better yet, Keith Giffen. As for art, Eric Powell could be a good fit.

11.) If ToJ had a Marvel Legends line, who would be in Wave 1 including any variant costumes? Who would be the hero or villain assembled by the parts in each package?
Marvel Legends, nice pick for me...

Wave 1, just for Titans West? Starman, Wonder Warrior, Arachnid, and Supergirl. For a build a figure, Gigantus, why not, he's their biggest foe to date. Variant costumes would feature Wonder Warrior actually wearing red, and Supergirl in her original costume.

12.) What prisons are there in the future for the villains when they are captured? Arkham? Phantom Zone? Blackgate?
Gigantus was sent to Arkham. The Super-Max will be featured a bit, mostly 'cause the West Coast needs its own prison. As for the Phantom Zone, well, it'll come up...

13.) To you see your Titans West team doing more as a whole team each chapter or do you like to mix it up sometimes with Team-ups?
The team-ups just happen. I pick out a small roster, and roll with it. The left behinds get to shine soon enough.

14.) With the characters you have written thus far in the chapters. Who has developed more than you thought? Who would you like to develop more?
I think I developed Supergirl more than I planned to, it's subtle, but it's there. As for who I'd like to develop more, well, Jemstone and Icemanling are going to get their chance to shine.

15.) Like with 52 and countdown, what teases and/or pieces can you give us for future chapters?
Earth-3's out there, imps are always fun, clowns are a'happening and Global Guardians in Russia! That enough of a tease for ya?

If not, expect an old-school Wonder Woman foe to appear, and look for the return of Gigantus!

Thank you to Archkid taking his time for this interview.